Violence against women in institutions: reproductive ightd violations in healthcare and education.

Luisa Cabal explained that the speakers agenda is to urge push at the UN. They want to position as a movemnet and make visable as reproductive rights remains invisible & silent in many institutions across the world. The spaekers will raise examples of whas happening around th world ininstutions and bring to light what’s going on. They will also explain when government dont do much what the consequences are.

Luisa Cabal- Moderator Onyema Afulkwe- Center for Reproductive Rights Regina Tames- Grupo Reproductive Rights Karolina Wiekiewicz- Polish Federation of Women Melissa Upreti- Center for Reproductive Rights Natasha Bannan- Center for Reproductive Rights

1st speaker-Melissa
The nature of reproduction do rise to a level of violations in health institutions. The impact of physical and mental trauma leads to deprevation of legal rights and women are more vulnerable to becoming victims of abuse. Its important to look at the violations and discrimination against women. Why it is important to articulate this is because states do have a legal binding obligation to help and prevent the violence against women. States must be involved and investigate and punish these acts.There dutie is to investigate, prevent, and punish. In the philipines, manila city contriception was removed off the shelves by government, which eliminated the women’s rights. There was a law suit filed but tossed from one court to another and there is no accountability for the the violations. Melissa has witness women caught in a vicious cycle, being caught in fertility and forced to seek out unsafe abortion procedures. Almost 60% of unsafe abortion. When women commit what the country percieves to be a “violation” it is documented when they go to the hospitals.They are tortured and ridiculed. Young girls are forced to drop out of school which leads to limited opportunities for employment and leads to poverty which lead to prostitution and trafficking. Mostly adolescents that are affected. This vioaltion of human rights causes instabiliy within relationships and causes domestic abuse.

2nd speaker-Tamar
Torture happens in health care settings and is a violation of womans rights. Tamar works with groups of women with HIV. She has been involve in many campaigns to end violation against women rights. In Hungary the Czeck Republic woman have been forced to be sterilized mostlywomen with HIV. This is a wide spread practice, as Libia women are also being forced to sterilation. Some women with disabilities are forced to sterilization, one of the main cause in Marginalization. In Many of these communities the women are told they are not fully women because they can not conceive and are sterilized. She wants to bring about ethical obligation to state and hold govenment responsible.

3rd speaker- Regina
Gave examples of how these violations exist and plays a part in her country. She works in Hedi and mexico. Abortions- how does it become a form of violence in Mexico? In mexico there have been documented cases in 2011where constitutional ammendment would have an effect and we wantd to see if its effective. 26 cases where women charged with abortion as violation. They were reaching public hospitals hemeriging. Once they hospital discovers it’s due to an abortion the police is called to the hospital and they get to hospital very quickly. Speaking to the victims, we identify patterns of poor education, poor background, mostly in rural areas where there are less resources.. Women are being pressured to make confessions by doctors and police, even while their under anesthesia. They are not told their rights before interegation. It’s so inhumane, they are being abused by health care providers and the women are being shown their fetus after abortion and being forced to bury them. Minors under 18 are affected the most. Many of the young women dont know when their pregnant because they dont have the resources. The role of the UN. Work on women’s rights reproduction recent devolpment classified the denial of contriception a form of torture. The bands the effect have on women and in the philipines. Circumsatnces of violence against women

4th speaker-Karolina
There was a case with a circumstance with a women that was pregnant and her ultra sound showed a high probability of a malformed fetus. For 6 weeks she was sent from one hospital to another for nothing. She needed specialize diagnosis. She was openly considering abortion which was her mistake and thats why she was forced to go from hospital to hospital around poland. There were joint efforts by the doctors preventing her from making the decision she wanted to make and she was treated shabbily. After 6 weeks she got examination but it didnt matter because it was too late and was forced to give birth to a very sick girl, which she is raising. She then had no option to decide which she was entitled to in poland she could’ve made decision to have an abortion if information was not denied. Years after it was determined that she was indeed a victims and she won a civil court case. There was a small amount of money awarded to her, which is another violation of woman’s rights.

5th speaker- Oneyma
From Tanizana, Africa said it is the standard for school girls to be forced to get pregnancy test unknowingly as early as 10 years old. Testing can be done based on suspicion by teacher or classmate and can be general testing in the school as frequently and random as possible. It’s also mandatory for preadmission into school. The pregnancy test are unannounced, the girls can be asked to gather for the test and each girl might be asked to raise her blouse to check her breast for signs of pregnancy. If test results come back positive the parents are called to the school and results are announced without consent from girl and then they are removed from school. Tanzania has one ofthe highest adolescent pregnancy in the world. About 60% are sexually active and about 45% were pregnant and only 12% have access to resources. Contraception services are not being implemented. Anyone below the age of 18 would not be offered contraception or if unmarried, even if healthcare provider knew they were sexually active. There is a high level of sexual violence in the country. Tazania Law says boys can be married at 18 and girls at age of 15. The lack of access to contraception are causes to these violations. pregnancy testing has a lasting empression on girls. It makes them grow to feel powerless, helpless and inadequate. such a psycological damge to women.

6th speaker- Natasha
She spoke about Shackling, which is putting women in handcuffs as if arrested while pregnant. She deemed it as an intrusion on a womans bosy and life. Shackling them during labor and delivery to the beds in federal prisons. The only reason a women should be shackled is if flight risk not when given birth. Mostly women of color and immigrant women are affected by shackling. Although some of the infractions are non violent, women are still being shackled. There has been federal statutory outlaws for these federal facilities, yet it’s still being done unlawfully. One case in illinois in 7th circuit there was a state who eliminated shackling. but the woman was still shackled. Not only is it its humiliating it’s a violation of womans rights. There is lack of enforcement or followup to end shackling. Becaue the laws are non-binding there is no accountability. The law and policies seems to be the problem, if implemented it would be protecting the rights of women.

Submitted By CWA Volunteers Sharon Jackson, Karen Leemou, Letica Grivens, Anita Long, Colleen Smith,