UNI welcomes bold UN agreement on women’s rights

An important step to end violence against women and girls has been reached with an unprecedented agreement. Following months of lobbying and two weeks of difficult negotiations, UN member States sign off strong agreements to promote gender equality, women’s empowerment, and ensure women’s reproductive rights and access to sexual and reproductive health services. The latter [ ... ]

Human Security: The Missing Link Between Women’s Rights, Conflict, and Peace

What is human security? Over the years, the notion of security has been narrowly categorized as a comparison to our own environments. It has mistakenly been used as a defining line to separate nations, rather than as a means to collaboratively address the issue on a global platform. In the forum labeled, “Human Security: The [ ... ]

The role of the law and lawyers in eliminating violence against women

SPONSORED BY LAWYERS WITHOUT BORDERS (LWOB) We were greeted at the door with a sign-in sheet, asking for names and email addresses, and handed a small tote bag with the Lawyers Without Borders logo. Inside the tote bag were literature and some interesting items: a small key chain that appeared to be a thumb drive [ ... ]

Transforming violence against women

I had the pleasure of attending a panel discussion hosted by The Association for Trauma Outreach and Prevention at the Church Center for the United Nations. The topic was Transforming Violence Against Women: Empowering Projects in Africa, Haiti and the Middle East. It brought to light many of the struggles that women in other countries [ ... ]

How to Protect the rights to Heal of Women and Children from Nuclear Accidents in Fukushima

Sponsor: Human Rights Now Speakers: Prof. Goto, Dr. Patterson, Dr. Sakijama, Dr. McCue, Mrs. McGlone. The earthquake and Tsunami in March 2011 caused the deaths of over 20,000 people. It also damaged a Nuclear power plant. The plant has leaked tons of radiation into the area. The radiation that was released is invisible, odourless, and [ ... ]