Men stand up against violence

All these men stand today to speak out against gender violence. They want to be part of the solution, they want to be agents of change. The more we speak out, the more we stand together, the better chance we have for changing the lives of millions of women around the world who are currently [ ... ]

From Swaziland: These men are agents of change!

More and more men are joining us in our campaign…will you?

Efforts to Eliminate Sexual Violence In Kenya

Embedded within a culture of rich ancestral traditions, lies a haunting legacy that has left devastating physical and sociological effects on Kenyan girls for hundreds of years. Female genital mutilation is a custom performed when a child takes her transformation into womanhood. This ritualistic practice, symbolizing purity and abstinence, has severe consequences to thousands of [ ... ]

Partnering to stop trafficking in women and girls

As we browsed through the various sessions for today we came across “Partnering to Stop Trafficking in Women and Girls.” Can you imagine in this day and age we have inhumane acts being committed against humans, better yet mostly women and girls? Speakers Statement of purpose Mr. Libran N. Cabactulan the Ambassador and Permanent Representation [ ... ]