Stop the tide: tackling adolescent dating violence

Today, along with My fellow CWA Volunteers, Attended the session titled: Stop the Tide, Tackling Adolescent Dating Violence. This meeting took place @ The Church Center for the United Nations, in New York City. This was a forum bringing awareness against Adolescent Dating and violence. T.I.P and TVPA
The TIP( trafficking in Persons international Programs) office created by TVPA (Trafficking VictimsProtection Act). Ammendment for violence against women. These programs formed a large global anti trafficking unit. Victims doesn’t need to be taken to another country in order to be involved in trafficking, but can be right here in the United States. Although Slavery is known to history, it is also existing all over the world. Feb 1st 2013 has been named National Freedom Day. Slavery is still widely covered all over world.

Tackling the Violence When we are Tackling Adolescent Dating violence, we must remember the Three P’s: Prevention, Protection
and Prosecution. In order for the Three P’s to work, we must add the fourth P(Partnerships). With Organizations like the United Nations, Play a critical role encouraging this fight. There are many programs surrounding Trafficking all over the world.

Examples of Trafficking
One Example of how this trafficking is encouraged is through various gangs, promoting violence. Other ways are on the internet through social media like, Facebook, Instagram and others. It is increasing on the web. In the US the Youth has the most trafficking. Some report being groomed while in school. Gifts and compliments is where it beThe 4th p partnerships. With organizations like the UN play critical role encourraging them to press chrgs. In Albania world vision is strengthing. Brazil, awareness.

End of Session activity We were given Photos and asked to determine if the photo demonstrated an Healthy or Unhealthy relationship. The photos included young couples either displaying affection or anger. Some other examples were photos of cell phones displaying text messages and expressions.

We have to continue to educate our communities on the importance of education in empowerIng girls and young women against Adololescent Dating Violence.
Submitted By CWA Volunteers: Sharon Brown, Colleen Smith, and Anita Long