Pledge against violence from South Africa…join in!

From our South African affiliates a pledge against violence:

I pledge to never commit, condone, or remain silent about men’s violence against women.

I pledge to never coerce anyone I know into having sex, or to pressure them into any kind of unwanted physical contact.

I will always seek clear communication instead of assuming consent.

I choose to respect, listen to and seek equality with every person I date, and every person I know.



 I / We pledge:

  • NOT to look away, NOT to be bystanders and NOT to be silent.
  • To play a  role in our personal, professional and leadership capacities to stop:
  • Rape of all kinds
  • Sexual Violence
  • The killing and abuse of Women and Children
  • Domestic violence of all kinds
  • Abuse and  violations of people with disabilities and
  • Violence of all kinds
  • To change our own attitudes and actions that  perpetuate sexism and violence
  • To provide support to women and children who have suffered abuse
  •  To support programmes that seek to create safer and healthier communities by addressing Gender based Violence, Drug and alcohol abuse, HIV and TB in our communities, workplaces and areas of influence.
  • To play an active role in ridding the society of harmful practices such as forced marriages and trafficking of women and children.
  • To foster a culture of respect for women, persons with disabilities, children and other men and be role models to younger boys in our communities
  • To use our networks to engage our friends, colleagues, relatives and encourage them to actively take a stand against violence and the abuse of women and children.
  • To support women in our country and actively participate and support their initiatives to address issues of violence and abuse.
  • Lastly, as South African men we want to express our collective condemnation of these acts of violence perpetrated in our backyards, in our communities and our beloved country and send our deepest condolences to those who have lost loved ones in the hands of criminals and pledge that: NO Women, NO Children shall be harmed in our name!  “NOT IN OUR NAME”