Eliminating violence against women and children: what the research says

“Cohabitated or Married”
“The HOME is the single most dangerous place for women” Gloria Steinem was quoted as we began our session on what the research says. Some of the points that all four panelist brought up were:
• Cohabitating and child bearing before marriage set the women and children up for struggling lifestyle.
• Not being married is a predictor and driving force for living in poverty.
• Cohabitation is a growing trend. o Children living in cohabitation settings are subject to poverty, poor education and becoming a victim of violence.
• 4 out of 10 children are born to unwed households.
• Children in cohabitation settings are 10xs more likely to be physically, sexually, and emotionally abused.
In conclusion, the highest domestic violence against women and children is in cohabitating noon married households (alterative relationships).

“GENDER SEX SELECTIVE ABORTION” According to Bethany Larson/International Voice for the Youth Officer stated that the availability for ultra sound increased the sex selecting of female fetus especially in non developing countries.
• China has a population control (one child per couple) since 1979 which has increased the killing of unborn daughters
• Countries with “old traditions” support this selective abortion
• With the use of selective abortion by the year 2020 there will be an increase in the male populations and a decrease in the female population.
• This will be the cause of more violence, drinking and abusive relationships to come by men. Finally, we must stop the sex selective abortion to help create an equal world.
As we sat in on this session we began to realize that this panel was mainly talking about the United States and the issues that arise here on our home front. This made the whole session and the words spoken ten times powerful.

United Families International-March 13, 2013
Sponsors- United Families International International
Voice for Youth Marcia Barlow –United Families International Vice President of international programs Jenny Cooper-International Voice for Youth OFFICER Bethany Larson-International Voice for Youth OFFICER Dr. Thomas Rane-International Voice for Youth

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