Lobbying Brief for an ILO Convention against Violence at the Workplace

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(Español) Basta de asesinatos!

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(Español) Propuestas contra la violencia de género – CCOO

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Australia’s response to domestic violence spillover at the workplace

Domestic violence is not necessarily limited to the home. Women who experience domestic violence and are in paid employment, suffer from the inability to attend work (due to the abuser inflicting physical injury or restraint, or failing to care for children) it affects their work performance and even their safety. In response to these needs, [ ... ]

Mauritius marks the International Day Against Gender Violence

To mark the International Day against gender violence, the Government Services Employees Association (GSEA), organised, with the close collaboration of the Ministry of Gender Equality, Child Development and Family welfare, a one day workshop on Wednesday 27 November at its Workers Education Center. This seminar was centered on capacity building for handling gender violence for [ ... ]

Be a Leader against Gender Violence

Dear colleagues and friends: Violence against women is a persistent world-wide problem, and occurs in every age and economic group. The perpetrators of that violence are often well known to their targets. Domestic violence, in particular, continues to be frighteningly common, and to be accepted as “normal” within many societies. As a matter of fact, [ ... ]

Violence against women in institutions: reproductive ightd violations in healthcare and education.

Luisa Cabal explained that the speakers agenda is to urge push at the UN. They want to position as a movemnet and make visable as reproductive rights remains invisible & silent in many institutions across the world. The spaekers will raise examples of whas happening around th world ininstutions and bring to light what’s going [ ... ]