Mauritius marks the International Day Against Gender Violence

To mark the International Day against gender violence, the Government Services Employees Association (GSEA), organised, with the close collaboration of the Ministry of Gender Equality, Child Development and Family welfare, a one day workshop on Wednesday 27 November at its Workers Education Center. This seminar was centered on capacity building for handling gender violence for [ ... ]

(Français) Harcelement et violence

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(Español) La legislación española protege a las victimas de la violencia de género.

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Men stand up against violence

All these men stand today to speak out against gender violence. They want to be part of the solution, they want to be agents of change. The more we speak out, the more we stand together, the better chance we have for changing the lives of millions of women around the world who are currently [ ... ]

From Swaziland: These men are agents of change!

More and more men are joining us in our campaign…will you?

They are men enough! They joined the campaign!

Send us your pictures so we can share them and help us spread the word. Be an agent of change, BE MAN ENOUGH. BE A LEADER AGAINST GENDER VIOLENCE.

I am man enough

         More and more men are starting to join our campaign in standing up and speaking out against gender violence. Will you be one of them? BE MAN ENOUGH. BE A LEADER AGAINST GENDER VIOLENCE.  

Leaders against gender violence

Men are starting to stand up against gender violence…will you? Take pictures with our flyers and send them to us. BE MAN ENOUGH. BE A LEADER AGAINST GENDER VIOLENCE.

Be a Leader against Gender Violence

Dear colleagues and friends: Violence against women is a persistent world-wide problem, and occurs in every age and economic group. The perpetrators of that violence are often well known to their targets. Domestic violence, in particular, continues to be frighteningly common, and to be accepted as “normal” within many societies. As a matter of fact, [ ... ]